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Tea & Coffee
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Vegetables & Fruit

The Vietnamese people have been cultivating and drinking tea in both simple and elegant ways for millenia!  The challenge is to bring high quality Vietnamese tea to and compete in the world market.

Please go to, than go to "Asia" and then "Viet Nam" for a good summary of that history and the challenge.

8 Winds initial goal is to export from Viet Nam individually flash frozen, frozen or appropriately processed (example: pureed) vegetables and fruits.

Examples include baby corn, edemame, water chestnuts, lychee.  Clearly, significant enough demand on the US side and competitive pricing is neccessary to justify a purchase.

Products & Services

8 Winds is seeking small scale business opportunties that bring to the US market the many, many products of the best work of Viet Nam's people and businesses. 8 Winds also secure opportunities to export US products that supplement and enhance the experience of Vietnamese consumers.

8 Winds strives for the goal that each transaction be respectful of all parties involved, from the family grower to the processor, and to the consumer eventually buying the product. The work to accomplish this goal is not always made easily transparent; yet is one of the most vital and time consuming elements of each transaction.

Nature's Best, Community Respect
We are taking the first steps on what will be a long and prosperous journey. As opportunities develop through our visits, and the establishment and growth of our relationships with the people, their enterprises and their products and services, we will be eagerly sharing those stories with you.
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