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The Beautiful Highlands Setting of a Ha Giang Tea Plantation
We are delighted to share pictures from our Vietnam visits and work on our Images page.
Seeking Out The Best

We at 8 Winds seek out quality Vietnamese agricultural products and safe, hiegenic facilities processing them, appropriately certified at both the export and import levels.


We at Winds seek to partner with Vietnamese 

growers, producers and processors that recognize the value of of collaboration to grow, process and offer the best. We recognize that we must work together to increase these opportunities in concert with the government agencies striving to provide the highest quality, safest products possible, both domestically and for export.

Supporting Organic, Fair Trade

Growers and producers, as well as the government agencies such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, are aggressively supporting appropriately certified organic as well as Fair Trade agricultural product and process development.


We at 8 Winds seek out existing organic and Fair Trade wherever possible, and actively support the growers, companies and agencies working toward the goal of very significant organic production and Fair Trade processes in Vietnam.

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