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Formal Tea Tasting, Phu Tho

January 2016


~ Nghia conducts formal tea tasting (above).

~ We work with local producers throughout Vietnam to seek and develop teas of the highest quality.

~ Our work involves mutually developing taste profiles for our client's customers in the US.

~ Additionally, we are seeking out and promoting the growth of certified organic and fair trade teas.  

Lettuce, Da Lat

January 2015


~ Lettuce such as this and many other vegetables and fruits are grown on thousands of hectares of open and green house operations in the Da Lat Region.

~ We work with local growers as well as suppliers and processors to secure vegetables and fruits that meet USDA, FDA and third party audit standards.

~ We seek out organic, and support the country's strong initiative to develop national certified organic standards for both domestic consumption and export.

Our Good Work
"Through 8 Winds Trading Company LLC, we are working to establish high quality and beneficial food-related and other trade and business relationships with the leaders of small to large Vietnamese enterprises."    Nghia H. Tang   David P. Johnson
Our Story

Ha Long Bay, UNESCO Heritage Site


A chance meeting to get some repair work done some five years ago has become an enduring family friendship as well as a strong commitment to respectful and fruitful trade and business opportunities with the people and country of Viet Nam. With family and business both in the U.S. and Viet Nam, Nghia encouraged David to visit his country for the first time in early 2015.


While planning for the trip, David enquired of a local food-related business, now 8 Winds first client, whether there would be interest in sourcing various food items from Vietnam.


With an enthusiastic "Yes!", Nghia and David, while in Vietnam, toured 

several areas, including especially beautiful Da Lat and Bao Loc in the central south, where tea, coffee, vegetables and fruit are grown in abundance; and where gracious business owners welcomed us; and where we began the conversations that are leading to burgeoning opportunities now and in the coming years. On our trip in early 2016, we toured the beautiful tea, vegetable and fruit growing areas in the Hanoi region, from Phu Tho to Ha Giang to Dong Trieu, meeting gracious and expert business people and officials, and seeing new opportunities for trade in the coming months and years.


This promise of developing "fruitful" friendships and business relationships has set the sails of  8 Winds Trading Company LLC



  Business Development



 Viet Nam~California

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